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Consumer Loans

Consumer Loans

Need a few extra dollars to fund your new set of wheels, RV, boat or motorcycle? We can help. Our consumer loans offer competitive rates, flexible terms and fast approval. Speak with one of our personal bankers to discuss your options. You’ll feel the wind in your hair in no time!

Mortgage Loans

We’re dedicated to helping you reach your dream of home ownership. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or refinance your existing mortgage, we can help you find the right loan to make it happen.

  • No down payment? No problem! With a USDA Rural Development Loan, you can purchase your dream home with no money down.
  • Looking for a steady rate for the life of your loan? Borrow at a fixed rate and your payments will be consistent for the loan’s entire term.
  • Shopping around for a better interest rate or hoping to pay off your mortgage sooner? We’ll work with you to determine if now is the right time to refinance your existing mortgage.
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